Materials and Packaging Research & Services (MPR&S)


Business address: Wetenschapspark 27, B-3590 Diepenbeek
Mailing address: Martelarenlaan 42.B-3500 Hasselt

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VerpakkingsCentrum/imo-imomec: knowledge/expertise to answer the (research) questions from the business world:

  • gas permeability for various gases
  • seal research: seal performance with various seal technologies combined with leak-tightness studies
  • climatic research: temperature-light-moisture
  • transport simulations: vibration, compression, fall and shock investigation, up to pallet level
  • physical analyzes of plastic, paper, flat and corrugated board
  • packaging innovation and diagnostics.

Generic and company-specific courses led by project engineers.

Our research methods within “Packaging Optimization” are:

  • life cycle analysis (LCA) with SIMAPRO & associated data analyzes
  • eco-design with design software INVENTOR and ARTIOSCAD for packaging and simulation software CAPE for optimal pallet loads & truck loading
  • packaging diagnoses in collaboration with Valipac and Fost Plus: are business-oriented, diagnostics supports the company to prevent packaging waste

and reduce the environmental impact of the product / packaging combination through quick-win proposals.