Pack it better as a meeting place for experts and companies.

When developing/choosing sustainable packaging it is important to consider many different aspects of packaging. It is very difficult to keep abreast of the many developments in this field. However, there are many centres of expertise, organisations and research centres that deal with this topic on a daily basis. It is not easy to find the information needed to make well-considered choices. The main objective of Pack It Better is to better coordinate knowledge on sustainable packaging with companies looking for information.

We view the eco-design of packaging as the combination of quantitative and qualitative prevention, improved recyclability and circularity. This means that materials are not only kept in the circular chain as secondary raw material for new products or packaging, but also that we maximally focus on circular applications. As such we create a circular economy for household and industrial packaging.

What does Pack It Better actually offer to companies packaging products?

Pack It Better showcases the expertise available in Belgium in the field of sustainable packaging to packaging companies. They can ask direct questions to the expert organisations or find general information on new developments and initiatives on the website.

Pack It Better helps you find the expertise available in Belgium in the field of sustainable packaging.
Here you will find general information about new developments, developments and initiatives in the field of sustainable packaging. You can also request specific help by asking the participating organisations your question.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Pack It Better will coordinate the search for answers to your questions.

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What Pack it better offers to knowledge centers

Pack It Better offers knowledge centres the opportunity to promote their expertise to the companies that pack their products.
By facilitating direct contact between companies and knowledge centres, the knowledge centres can optimally adapt the development of their expertise to the needs of the companies.

Pack It Better highlights your expertise and helps you to make your service offering better known.

We put you in direct contact with companies looking for solutions. This gives you a better view of their needs and enables you to develop your expertise in a more informed manner.

Fost Plus

The non-profit organisation Fost Plus is responsible for the selective collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging waste in Belgium. Through our promotion, coordination and financing activities, we give concrete meaning to the circular economy of packaging. Every year, we recycle more than 90% of the household packaging placed on the market through the efficient collection of glass, paper and cardboard and PMD.
Packaging management has moved decisively towards sustainable materials management. To this end, we work closely with all parties involved: companies, federations, public authorities, municipalities and intermunicipal bodies, collection, sorting and recycling companies, and citizens. Fost Plus was founded in 1994 on the initiative of companies and is active in all three regions. By fulfilling our mission, we contribute to the European objectives for sustainable waste management.



Valipac is the Belgian knowledge centre for industrial waste, founded in 1997 on the initiative of the Belgian industrial world. Our main role is to provide a collective response to the extended producer responsibility for industrial packaging. We collect and analyse reliable data on the sorting and recycling of industrial waste. Using this knowledge, we identify opportunities and challenges in the waste chain and, in collaboration with sector federations and waste management companies, we implement targeted and ambitious plans and actions to encourage companies to sort more and better. We are also working on innovations to transform waste into a new raw material with more applications in Europe to achieve a fully circular economy for industrial packaging. Valipac is a unique organisation in the world with a pioneering role in Europe.


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