European Aluminium (Packaging Group)


Avenue de Tervuren 168

1150 Brussels



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The Packaging Group of European Aluminium represents the producers of aluminium cansheet and foilsheet for the manufacturing of beverage cans and a wide range of foil packaging such as pet(food) containers, menu trays, bottle closures, capsules, wrapping foil and laminated foil, as well as the companies which recycle used aluminium packaging products into new (packaging, e.g. can-to-can) aluminium end-use products.

We promote the sustainability of aluminium packaging products and the fact that aluminium is a ‘permanent’ material which makes it endlessly recyclable without losing its key characteristics. We provide expertise on the use of aluminium for packaging as well as concrete solutions for its collection, sorting and recycling in the EU 27 & EFTA countries and the United Kingdom.