Belgian Packaging Institute (IBE-BVI)


Researchpark 280
1731 Asse

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Labratoire 3

The IBE-BVI supports the authorities and industry by means of testing, legislation, information and training in the domain of packaging. The laboratory (BELAC accreditation and ISO 17025 certification) delivers results following standardized methods and procedures on materials, packaging and palletized loads used in various industries. Experts and equipment are available to cover material analysis, dangerous goods, IBC’s, child safe packaging, food contact materials, transport and climate simulations.


The IBE-BVI supports all partners and members to switch to more sustainable packaging solutions by providing an array of testing and information on legislation/standardization and training options. Expertise has already been established by doing side-by-side testing of eco-improved packaging versus ‘traditional’ compositions. Also, participation during packaging diagnosis has been provided on customer’s locations. For food packaging for instance, barrier performance can be tested in-house.


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