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FILPAP is a Cooperative Society established in 1995 with as shareholder groups the three parts of the paper and board chain, the producers of paper and board, the converters packaging producers and the recovered paper companies. The Board of Directors also includes FostPlus and the Food Industry Federation FEVIA as observers. FILPAP acts as a “material advising organisation” for paper and board with regard to FostPlus.  The structure and composition of the steering bodies guarantee neutral and balanced advice.

A first version of the FILPAP eco-design guidelines for paper and board was drawn up in 2017 and in 2018-2019 there was a project at national level with the Belgian reference laboratory, Celabor, to identify the right parameters for assessing the recyclability of paper and board products and also a comparative evaluation of some packaging by Celabor and various foreign laboratories. Currently, FILPAP is present in the European 4Evergreen initiative on behalf of and together with FostPlus.