Université 2

The Product Development Department of the University of Antwerp offers education, research and services related to the design of innovative products and services.

The design process goes through various steps in which concepts, systems and the final design are checked against technical, economic, ecological and human-related requirements of the product. This approach results in products with added value, with the requirement that the environmental impact of the products is minimal and that the products fit into the model of the circular economy.

The experts of the Product Development Department can provide support in the design of innovative packaging and packaging systems. The entire life cycle of the packaging is taken into account and the aim is to close the chain optimally. During the design process choices are made, which are tested by the various stakeholders of the value chain. The designer plays a crucial role in optimally closing the various cycles in the circular economy.

Every year there are master theses in which the development of a packaging or packaging system is the focus.

Take a look at our Master’s theses academic year 2019-2020