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Uitgelicht Artevelde

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences is a centre for education and practice-oriented research

  • Research Project ‘HackthePack’ (2019-2021; pursues three goals:
    – formulate communication advice to create more clarity about the sustainability of packaging;
    – developing prototypes that support this clarity;
    – and generating more knowledge about good practices for the production of sustainable (er) packaging, with a focus on the Flemish graphics and packaging industry.
  • Research Project ‘Packlab – Circular Packaging’ (2021-2023) seeks an answer to the question: ‘How can we design packaging more circularly?’ in cocreation with researchers, students and work field. In our Packlab we create physical and 3D/AR/VR prototypes of realistic printed packaging (folding carton, corrugated board, plastic, shrink sleeves, labels…) and we study user experience with eyetracking.