A transport simulation consists of a number of different tests, which of course may be conducted separately and that together mimic the whole transport. This is a sequence of drop or horizontal shock testing, compression testing followed by vibration tests on well or not stacked samples, and ultimately new drop or horizontal shock tests.
For air transport could be added an under pressure test.
Such a transport simulation test is usually done after a customer’s complaint for shipping damages. One tries to identify the cause of the damage with these standardized transport tests. However, it is preferable to use these tests during the development of a product, packaging or loading pattern in order to avoid transport damage and even to achieve an early optimization.
IBE-BVI can perform the tests according to ISTA, ASTM and other standards.
IBE-BVI is ISTA recognized and can thus issue you a certificate that will demonstrate that packagings and pallet loads were tested according to ISTA.