The new master-after-master course Sustainable Food Packaging at UGent Campus Kortrijk prepares students to work as experts in sustainable food packaging.

Who is it for?

The English-language master’s-after-master’s program lasts 1 year and is intended for people already working in the food or packaging sector, as well as for newly graduated Belgian and international students who want to specialize in sustainable food packaging.

Anyone with a master’s degree is eligible, but sufficient knowledge of chemistry and mathematics is indispensable.

Modular and English

The program is modular. This allows students to spread the program over two or three years. Classes will be taught online, hybrid and on campus, in English.


Workers With Face Mask On Aquaponic Farm, Sustainable Business And Coronavirus.

Close contact with industry

Through case studies, field visits, and guest speakers from companies, students regularly come into contact with current and concrete challenges in the industry. In their master’s thesis, students seek solutions to a specific research question posed by a company or organization.

Info and registration

View more info about the program at
You can register via the UGent website. This is possible until April 1 for visa holders, and until June 1 for non-visa holders.
The program was made possible thanks to start-up funding from the Flemish Government, which wants to boost the provision of lifelong learning in West Flanders.