The LSI is the first index to assess the sustainability performance of a company’s logistics activities. This annual index is a powerful tool that calculates a sustainability score based on a set of quantitative and qualitative criteria and indicators.


Sustainability is much more than the reduction of CO2. Sustainable logistics deals with energy, infrastructure and raw materials responsibly and uses them in a way that logistics today doesn’t place a burden on our future society. With the project ‘Logistics Sustainability Index’ (LSI) VIL wishes to extend a powerful model that provides insight into the general sustainability performance of a company’s logistic activities.


  • To make a list of all relevant criteria relating to sustainable logistics
  • To identify relevant data per criterion
  • Assigning a weighting factor to each criterion
  • To develop a model which translates the selected criteria to a quantitative index
  • To develop a dashboard with subindices per relevant criterion
  • To test, adjust and validate the model and dashboard at all project participants, at least at two different sectors
  • To apply the validated model at all participants of the project